Moretti Yacht Management

Yacht Charter Marketing

To counter the cost of yacht ownership, Moretti Yachts will promote your yacht for charter. Certain yachts are as sought –after as the most exclusive hotels and as a direct result of careful management and marketing, this special cache adds value to the yacht, resulting in a premium price for both sale and charter.

We coordinate the production of brochures and feature our central agency yachts in the Moretti Yachts Charter Directory. We regularly advertise in leading international luxury lifestyle and business publications as well as the key yachting Magazines.

Yacht charter promotion by Moretti Yachts has proven results and advantages, most importantly, we are determined to optimise the return from this prized asset.


Moretti Yacht Services

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Arranging Dockage Around the World
  • Arranging Bunkering Services Around the World
  • Provisioning Assistance
  • Itinerary Planning 
  • Local Shipping Agent Assistance
  • Port Information and Liaising
  • Parts and Spares Sourcing
  • Insurance Assistance
  • Guest and Crew Transportation and Travel Arrangements
  • At Moretti Yachts, Inc. we understand that no two yachts are the same. Our Yacht Management services are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each owner, helping them get the best out of their yacht, whether it is a 120-metre megayacht or a 20-metre sailing yacht.
  • We appreciate that today’s large yachts are sophisticated and complex and, with the constant developments and regulation changes, their operation calls for the knowledge and skill levels found in commercial ship management. Moretti Yachts, Inc. has a wealth of experience in dealing with the day-to-day issues related to large yacht operation, and are expertly placed to offer a full range of yacht management services which can be taken in a number of different packages in order to suit the owner’s needs. 


Yacht Operations Management

A luxury yacht operates in an exclusive and complex environment that is global in nature.

The Moretti Yachts Management team has traveled to all Ports, if not all, of the destinations that yachts are likely to travel to. Our knowledge and experience helps us provide your yacht and crew with invaluable first-hand expertise.

There are many facets of running a yacht.  Our extensive network of proven contractors, shipping agents, fuel suppliers, travel agents, parts suppliers, shipyards, port officials, and shipping registry officials will give your yacht and crew the resources it needs to run efficiently.