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Joe Moretti

Chief Executive Officer

With over 25 years of experience in the luxury water travel industry, Mr. Moretti currently owns the yacht brokerage and charter business known as Moretti Yachts, Intl. Expanding from the initial Ft Lauderdale location, Moretti Yachts currently services clients worldwide. Today, the company controls over $56 Million in exclusive listings for sale worldwide.
Joe has been at the forefront of boating industry trends, also founding and developing Yachts BnB, a concept that will also help connect clients to the amazing experience of luxury boat life.
Entering the Yachting industry approximately 25 years ago and the beginning of Moretti Yachts, Inc. a brokerage and charter business. Moretti had the opportunity to travel Europe and visit many of the shipyards to study the integrity of their products. An exciting learning curve that accelerated into the shaping of Moretti Yachts today. Today Moretti Yachts controls over $56 Million in exclusive listings for sale worldwide. Moretti Yachts has an outstanding relationship with all builders. Moretti Yachts, Inc. was hired by the Department of Defense, Oceana Virginia in 2009 for Marine consulting and building boats for SEAL Team 6. Having accomplished this task Moretti stayed on and conducted visual and on the ground recon and surveillance of vessels throughout the Eastern and Western Caribbean for 5.5 years ending in 2014.
Combined experience through many years staging events in motor racing, concert events, large corporate catering at sporting venues has been influential in the vision of what can be done for the Mega – Super yacht events. The level of attention necessary to accommodate the elite in their vessels is instilled in the ability of Mr. Moretti. A spin off company Waterline Suites, Inc. was formed in 2003 to facilitate a Motor Yacht 5 star accommodation as an alternative to a hotel suite. As demonstrated at the 2004 MTV VMA Awards in Miami, it was a big success. Moretti Yachts has been awarded the contract again for 2005. Moretti Yachts and Waterline Suites/ YachtsBNB and The MWL Moretti Water Limo are poised today to offer these exciting alternatives wherever there is water front events.

Ron Patrick

Caribbean Islands and Bahamas

Ron has been in the Marine business for 30 years. He is very familiar with the waters in the Caribbean and the Island chain. Has established the confidence of many clients over the years providing them with nautical option to suit their needs. Broker number one for this region.

Gary D. Alexander

Gary D.Alexander is currently founder and chairman of Golden River Capital, LLC Florida based investment firm. He has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of accounting and investments. His knowledge and skills include initiating public and private offerings for small companies, professional accounting services with “go-public” transactions, private placement syndications, mergers, and acquisitions. He has extensive experience in forensic and reconstructive accounting and litigation matters. He has appeared with counsel in mediation and/or with a special master representing NASD broker-dealers as an auditor and consultant. He has also led and participated in projects in other fields, including the aviation industry, automotive, petroleum, internet services, telephone and VoIP industries, medical facilities, cosmetic and the entertainment, music, and film industries.

Regina Walker

Administrative Assistant and Broker International

Regina has established herself and is very interactive with the business component. She has the wonderful ability of hosting the prospective client and their family when buying a new vessel. Reaching out to all constituents and other brokers if necessary to seek and find the right vessel scenario and the best options for the client.


Loe Moshkovska

Loe is something! This is not just her profession, this industry is her biggest passion. She is a big fan of the Ocean, because all we do here is we connect people More to the ocean that brings so much joy!
She specializes in sales and charters of mega yachts.
To describe her in a few words would be: extremely positive, smart and very kind.
Style is her thing, she applies it to everything. “Nothing is perfect, but we can still make it look beautiful”. Beautiful is the way she treats all clients and everyone she has any relationships with.
Originally from Ukraine, Loe has a bachelor degree in event planning. She worked for several years in the event industry and left office job to travel, chase her dreams and do what she loves. She had several successful businesses in fashion and skincare. Until now she remains to be an entrepreneur, but yacht brokerage is her main occupancy. Sailing hobby that she had for more than a decade, and admiration for super yachts made her become a yacht broker herself.
As a side passion, she loves to work with people and help people, for the last couple of years she works as a life coach and high performance coach, teaches kundalini yoga and organizes yoga retreats on yachts.
Ask her about event ideas on board, she always has something interesting to share.


Robert Patton

Captain, licensed 500 Ton Master in Ft. Lauderdale and Bahamas. After years working in the Marine Industry, Robert provides most professionalism and safety. It’s a pure joy to work with this amazing man!






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