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Exclusively in a collaboration with J. DAVID WEISS

Build your dream yacht! Designing and constructing a yacht that has been created for no-one else but its new owner is arguably the pinnacle of yacht ownership; when every element comes together in a way that is as individual as its owner.

Effortless & Stress-Free

We manage all aspects of the new construction process, from the initial design and negotiating contracts, to overseeing the build process and ensuring that the yacht is delivered on time and to budget.

We have proudly constructed yachts in partnership with some of the most prestigious European shipyards such as Holland, UK, France and Italy.

From Start To Finish

Working together with the world-class architect J. DAVID WEISS, we have specialized knowledge to guide you from start to finish with any project.

We're here to ensure that what is usually deemed a highly involved and complicated process, is made as effortless and stress-free as possible, making each and every stage more enjoyable than the last, right up to and beyond delivery.


David is our founder and alchemist/arsonist of Creativity. An internationally active and award-winning designer, most of David’s career has been spent designing and building custom superyachts- both independently and with yacht design firms and builders around the world. David has spent time living and working in Europe, the US, and over a dozen other countries. Over the last decade, David has contributed or led design for more than 30 privately owned yachts, led creative vision and product development for award winning technology startups, developed one of a kind custom furniture and interiors for clients all over, and recently has been responsible for creating design concepts for major motion pictures, as well as architectural design projects. An “Arsonist of Creativity”, David's vision and passion for Designova Creative is fueled by launching new ideas with our team, and shaping new partnerships, while endeavoring to work inside our philosophy of bringing creative work out of relationships and friendships, instead of the other way 'round!

Special thanks to some of our key partners in creativity. We are a world class tribe of creators, dreamers, problem solvers, builders, and makers... and you're invited to join in.

Drop a Line and don't hesitate to contact us!

Ready for inquiries, offers and cooperation

Phone: +1 (954)536-0121

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Established 1999